Presenter and Sponsor of Fine Music and Music Education

The Bay Area Music Foundation is a 501(c)(3) professional corporation as described in section 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) of the Franchise Tax Code.

The Bay Area Music Foundation is the proud sponsor and offers support to the following music education projects and performance ensembles:

  1. Silicon Valley Symphony
  2. Bay Area Little Symphony
  3. Menlo Park Chorus
  4. Foothill Orchestra


The Silicon Valley Symphony is the premiere symphonic ensemble for the Silicon Valley.  More information is available on the web site.


The Bay Area Little Symphony is the only fully professional orchestra that has been providing FREE in school concerts for children around the Bay Area since 1975.  Originally made up of members of the Oakland Symphony, the orchestra is currently comprised of professional musicians from all around the Bay Area, and continues to perform for family concerts, community events, and school groups.

Under the direction of conductor Michael Paul Gibson, the Bay Area Little Symphony has performed well-known works such as "Peter and the Wolf", the "William Tell Overture", selections from Rossini's "Barber of Seville", Stravinsky's "Soldiers Tale", Jerome Neff's "Aesop's Fables", and more.  Each school concert provides the opportunity for members of the audience to sit among the musicians; a few children even get to conduct the orchestra.

Another unique aspect of the school concerts is the involvement of cartoonist, Morrie Turner.  Morrie is best known for his “WEE PALS” column, at one time internationally syndicated in over 110 newspapers.  Turner draws cartoons depicting the action occurring in the music; these cartoons are displayed on large television monitors for all members of the audience to see.

Please visit the Bay Area Little Symphony web site for further information, delightful student drawings and letters, and Morrie Turner's coloring book.

Menlo Park Chorus

The Menlo Park Chorus began in March, 1999. New performance venues and new and exciting musical directions mark the beginning of MPC’s sixth year. The chorus has performed in 23 concerts in its five year history. It has performed on its own, with the Foothill Orchestra, and with the Silicon Valley Symphony, a professional orchestra. It has recorded 19 CDs and 1 DVD, with another almost finished.

Emphasis is on commitment and quality for the Silicon Valley Choral. The choral performs a mixture of music that includes master choral works along with classical, sacred, and popular selections.

Foothill Orchestra

The Foothill Orchestra was sponsored up to January of 2003.  There are many recordings, reviews, concert information and other interest for you to browse.

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