Concert Programs
Morrie Turner
Children's Drawing
Children's Drawing
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Concert Programs

Programs are carefully chosen and are presented in a friendly, informal manner. Children feel a close relationship with the musicians and the conductor.

The orchestra varies in number from twenty-eight to fifty-two dependent upon repertoire. Many of the players are parents and teachers.

Under the direction of conductor Michael Paul Gibson, the Bay Area Little Symphony has performed well-known works such as Peter and the Wolf, The William Tell Overture, selections from Rossini´s The Barber of Seville, Stravinsky´s Soldier´s Tale, Jerome Neff´s Aesop´s Fables, and more.  Each school concert provides the opportunity for members of the audience to sit among the musicians; a few children even get to conduct the orchestra!

Letter from Elizabeth Yee, Teacher

Copy of original letter from teacher, Elizabeth Yee stapled to a beautiful booklet of 27 letters, each with a drawing, from the children of her class.

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